Live Trac EZ GPS Vehicle Tracker

Live Trac EZ GPS Vehicle Tracker
Live Trac EZ GPS Vehicle Tracker

Valencia-based LiveViewGPS announced the launch of its new GPS tracking device – the Live Trac EZ GPS Vehicle Tracker – that takes only seconds to install and provides 10-second vehicle-tracking position updates.

So, how does it work? A port known as the “On Board Diagnostic Port” or OBD-II port is installed on most trucks and cars built after 1996. It is designed to help technicians diagnose and troubleshoot vehicle problems. Typically, the port is located somewhere under the dash on the driver’s side. Once the port is located, it’s simply a matter of plugging it in and vehicle tracking begins.

And, this easy installation also makes it portable. If needed, it can quickly be moved from one vehicle to another. This GPS vehicle tracking device is 100 percent web-based via a tracking portal. It also provides alerts for items such as speed and ignition start-up; historical playback; satellite/hybrid/bird’s eye view mapping; and comprehensive reports.

“It’s ideal for personal and commercial use,” explains Christa Markman, director of product development for LiveViewGPS. “Parents of teen drivers can rest a bit easier when their car is taken out for a spin; and businesses may realize an improvement in employee efficiency and productivity.”

It also enhances customer service. For example, if a client calls to find out where a delivery is, this vehicle tracking device can provide highly accurate data.

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