LoJack helps New Mexico law enforcement for Stolen Vehicle Tracking(SVT)

LoJack logoAlbuquerque, New Mexico:  The Stolen Vehicle Tracking(SVT)  system by LoJack has now been installed in State Police, Santa Fe Police and Albuquerque Police Cruisers, along with some of the helicopters and planes, used by law enforcement.

Now when a car, with the LoJack technology installed is stolen, police can track it in real time.

“It’s this sea of vehicles and aircraft that are constantly listening for a LoJack device to go off and unique about system patrol officer can be in normal routine and get a hit on a LoJack system,” LoJack CEO Randy Ortiz said.

The equipment was installed in police vehicles at no cost to taxpayers. In the few days it’s been here, it’s already helped police recover 4 vehicles. LoJack is in talks with other police agencies to get the technology installed in their vehicles as well.




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