London’s Royal Automobile Club to host world’s first driverless car motorsport event

Published: February 26,2016| London

The Royal Automobile Club has announced that it will host the world’s first motorsport event for driverless cars on its Woodcote Park estate near London.

The Autonomous Vehicle Trial is due to be held on 31st October this year. It will mark the opening of London Motor Week and see a variety of driverless cars take part in classic motoring challenges.

Royal Automobile Club used to host 1000-Mile Trial, which was held over 20 days in 1900 in an attempt to convince the public that the car represented the future of British motoring.  This trial is set to mirror the purpose of the original event.


“This is all about the evolution of motoring – something the club has a proud history of supporting,” said chairman of the Royal Automobile Club, Tom Purves.

“Probably the most significant development of automotive technologies in the next decade, the introduction of driverless and autonomous vehicles, will require a combined effort and commitment from all areas of the motor industry.”

“It is in this spirit, and in line with the club’s long established commitment to pioneering motoring, that we introduce the Autonomous Vehicle Trial,” Purves added.

Source: Businesscar



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