Magellan RoadMate with enhanced driver safety features

RoadMate RM2255T-LMB
RoadMate RM2255T-LMB

USA: Magellan has announced new Magellan RoadMate vehicle navigation devices with innovative features that underscore Magellan’s dedication to driver safety and convenience including Bluetooth ‘Safe Texting,’ Magellan Wireless Back-up Camera compatibility and ‘Portrait Mode’ viewing.

The Magellan RoadMate RM2255T-LMB and RoadMate 5265T-LMB GPS models include Bluetooth ‘Safe Texting’ that enables drivers to quickly and safely respond to a call with a pre-written text message. The driver may select from a text message to inform the caller that they are driving and will call them later or a text that will include the vehicle’s present location and estimated time of arrival to their destination. When paired with a compatible Bluetooth cell phone, these Magellan RoadMate devices enable drivers to safely talk hands-free while keeping their eyes on the road.

As part of its Safety Series, Magellan has expanded the compatibility of its Wireless Back-up Camera  as an ideal safety companion for the Magellan RoadMate 5255T-LM and RoadMate 5265T-LMB GPS models. When the vehicle is in a reverse-mode, the RoadMate device will automatically switch from navigation mode to become a rear-view monitor that allows the driver to see what is behind the vehicle including children, pets and toys or assistance to fit a vehicle into a tight parking space.

All five of the newest Magellan RoadMate GPS models include ‘Portrait Mode’ viewing, a unique feature that gives the driver a choice between viewing their navigation details in landscape or portrait viewing mode. In portrait viewing mode, the Magellan RoadMate device displays expanded roadway details about what is ahead, which is valuable information when on road trips or in unfamiliar locations. Conversely, in traditional landscape viewing mode, which is most suitable for city driving, shows the driver details that are around them.

Stig Pedersen, Associate Vice President of Product Management for Magellan, stated that, “These new RoadMate GPS devices further Magellan’s goal to give people a safer, more convenient daily driving experience. By incorporating top-of-the-line safety features such as ‘Safe Texting,’ we are addressing the increasingly important issue of our culture’s desire for constant communication even while driving.”

All of the new Magellan RoadMate GPS devices are equipped with the entire suite of Magellan’s 2012 features.

  • Landmark Guidance’ gives drivers an easier way to navigate to their destinations by telling them to turn at familiar landmarks such as gas stations, stores or other large, easily-seen places instead of only street names that may be hard to locate and read.
  • ‘Traffic Camera Alerts,’ powered by PhantomALERT™, warn drivers about upcoming red light and speed cameras on their route.
  • “Junction View” displays a realistic image of the road and highway signs, and shows drivers the correct lane that the vehicle needs to be in for safe merging and exits during their trip. helps drivers quickly locate parking garages as well as the street to enter them and hours of operation.
  • ‘OneTouch™,’ another Magellan-exclusive feature, enables the driver to bookmark and assign a button to their favorite destinations or searches for faster access.
  • Continuing to enhance the driver’s experience, each Magellan RoadMate model includes familiar features such as the Magellan-exclusive AAA TourBook® with their Diamond Rating system and descriptions for restaurants, hotels and attractions.



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