Mando successfully tests level 4 autonomous driving

Taking one-step forward in perfecting autonomous driving and developing the technology for commercial use, Mando Corp has successfully tested level 4 autonomous driving.

The affiliate of Halla Group specializing in car components tested Level 4 autonomous driving is full self-driving automation, according to the standard classification provided by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) of U.S., referring to a car that is designed to drive to its destination for itself without intervention of drivers.
Recently, Mando Chairman Chung Mong-Won, President Il-Hwan Tak and related researchers rode “Hockey” and successfully completed 2.7km of autonomous driving at a speed of 40km/hr in the public roads of Pangyo.

According to the company Pangyo demonstration section is considered extremely unfavorable for autonomous driving. The route has many illegally parked vehicles and large amount of reflected sunlight from high-rise glass buildings, different from the stable real operation environments in California or Arizona, where many autonomous driving car tests are conducted, as well as the closed driving environments such as test tracks.

“Hockey” also showed vehicle-object communication (V2X) technology, a technology essential for autonomous driving, while passing through crossroad by receiving and perceiving information such as crossroad signals in advance from telecom companies using vehicle-infra (V2I) communication technology, in particular, on this day.

SOURCE Halla Group


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