Masternaut launches its next generation SaaS based telematics platform

Masternaut has launched its next-generation telematics platform, Masternaut Connect. The new platform offers businesses a step-change in features, integration, performance, scalability and accuracy.

Masternaut Connect is a SaaS suite of modular applications running within an integrated and harmonised web interface, hosted in a new private dedicated cloud infrastructure, which provides the performance and security needed for these demands. The resulting platform is fully future-proofed, offering the robustness and scalability to handle big data demands.

A wide range of integration points will be provided including cloud side for TMS, ERP and other systems, APIs for external data feeds from other devices, and in-vehicle using Masternaut’s wireless network to integrate custom tablet or smartphone applications.

Responding to the need for businesses to use operational data for competitive advantage, Masternaut Connect offers real-time event processing, providing fleet managers with information as it happens, while storing data for longer, allowing for analytics and compliance purposes.

Key benefits of Masternaut Connect are to include:

  • Unrivalled accuracy – the highest degree of data accuracy on the market
  • Scalability – platform is scalable to handle millions of devices, across multiple territories
  • Real-time event processing – data queries are streamed live, which means that reports are constantly refreshed with up to date data
  • Third party application integration – such as live customer data feeds, including job data or routing schedules
  • Modern user experience – with an intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Modular design – providing the foundation to develop new products and platform add-ons
  • Persona-based modification – platform can be tailored to support customers’ priorities, with ability to weight event criteria
  • Privacy options – to offer a broader range of workers’ council approved telematics
  • Secure data – to address compliance requirements and provide better reporting capabilities

Source: Masternaut


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