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Mazda wants driver to be in control of vehicles, not working on driverless car

While some manufactures are working to perfect self-driving cars, Mazda has a different approach. In a recent interview, chief executive for North American operations at Mazda, Masahiro Moro, said the independent Japanese manufacturer wanted to keep the driver in control of the vehicle, claiming autonomous tech should only be used to support the motorist.
“I think autonomous driving is an important technology but how we deploy and how we use that technology is different from a leading company,” Mr Moro told

“We still believe that because fun to drive is an essential value for Mazda, always the driver has to meet in the centre.” Mr Moro said while it was important to employ autonomous features for safety, Mazda believed its customers ultimately wanted to be the ones in control.

“Autonomous driving technology helps if anything happens with the driver, he becomes unconscious or is feeling bad or so on. Then the technology of autonomous driving will override to pull over or go home.

Mr Moro said the company was sticking with an internal combustion engine, but would have electrification in a supporting role to cut emissions.

“Toward 2025 we have to deploy electrification all the time,” he said. “So it is good if we have a very efficient internal combustion engine because the electrification system will be small.”


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