Meitrack launches Plug & Play TC68S GPS Tracker

Plug & Play TC68S GPS Tracker
Plug & Play TC68S GPS Tracker

USA: Meitrack has introduced TC68S vehicle & fleet management tracker.  The TC68S is a user plug & play tracker that’s compatible with all vehicles.  According to the company,  it has a lower cost compared to the TC68 because it does not provide all the OBD features but does provide all the tracking features.  The built in battery provides sufficient back-up power & when removed, it will send a notification to your Smartphone or server. 

The TC68S functions range from real time tracking, SOS, speeding, geo fence alarm, turn, mileage, blind spot report, just to name a few features.

As per Meitrack statement: “We’re thrilled to unveil the TC68S for the public. We believe we have the most user-friendly GPS Tracker on the market today.




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