Mobiliz: Telematics technolgy to monitor driver behavior

Quebec: Life and health insurance company Industrial Alliance  has unveiled a new way of insuring younger drivers that tracks the driver behaviour. The new techique “Mobiliz” is based on the pay-as-you-drive model. “Mobiliz” uses telematics technology to monitor distance travelled as well as three driving behaviours: speeding, forced acceleration and hard braking. Industrial Alliance says it will provide free installation of a GPS-type module to Quebec drivers aged 16-24 who join the initiative. The web-based auto insurance program will also enable drivers to access information on their driving habits, the effect on premium and safety tips.

Michel Laurin, president and CEO of operations at Industrial Alliance Operations, Auto and Home Insurance Inc., stated that ”Mobiliz will enable youths who drive responsibly, but frustrated with their high premiums simply because they are young, to benefit from the lowest rates in the industry. As for youths who currently have extreme driving habits, Mobiliz will offer them the necessary financial incentives so that they can adopt more responsible driving habits.”

Even though,, Industrial Alliance is primarily a life and health insurance company, but its President and CEO Yvon Charest called the auto insurance program “first and foremost a cause. By this initiative, we wish to actively take part in solving a societal issue and save lives by way of what we do and know best — that is, insurance.”



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