Nuance’s Dragon Drive powers TCL Cartel’s new in-car aftermarket navigation system

China: Nuance Communications, Inc. has announced that Nuance’s Dragon Drive automotive-grade voice platform supporting the Mandarin Chinese language is powering TCL Cartel’s Smart System of Connected Drive and Information Service based on the Android platform, providing consumers with a safer, smarter connected driving experience. TCL Cartel has launched intelligent connected in-car infotainment system that integrates Nuance‘s voice recognition and expressive text-to-speech supporting Chinese Mandarin – all optimized for the automotive environment. As a result, drivers are able to speak to the system to make calls, find and play music or change the radio station, get directions and hear the latest news articles read aloud. Nuance’s voice capabilities, as part of TCL Cartel‘s system, also provide vehicle maintenance prompts, vehicle fault prompts, road conditions prompts and more. In the case of an emergency, the system can immediately warn the driver through text-to-speech readout of any upcoming risks or dangers on the road ahead to ensure safety. In addition, when drivers need more information about where they’re headed, they can use the voice navigation service to determine their destination. Users can get the information and content they need just by activating the voice assistant function and speaking out a command. Dr. Edwin Chen of TCL Cartel Co., Ltd. said, “The Smart System of Connected Drive and Information Service launched by TCL Cartel will recreate the conventional vehicle infotainment device concept and the way people use in-car telematics products. The state-of-the-art voice technology from Nuance gives us distinct advantages for our products, offering our customers enhanced user experience through innovative and diversified speech applications. The cooperation with Nuance has also provided powerful support for us to make further strategic deployment in the aftermarket navigation and infotainment market.” Jason Stirling, Senior Vice President of Nuance Asia Pacific region said, “Nuance has a diversified product portfolio that offers reliable solutions for OEMs in China, including aftermarket, mobile telematics products that provide the best assurance for TCL Cartel to launch innovative products for China’s automotive consumers. We’re excited to drive new growth and demand for aftermarket products powered by voice alongside TCL, giving Chinese consumers more humanized, intelligent connected car experiences.” Dragon Drive is Nuance’s automotive-grade platform that fully harnesses Nuance’s deep expertise and research in natural language understanding voice technologies to deliver connected and embedded capabilities such as voice dialing, message dictation, navigation, local business search, news and music search. Nuance’s portfolio of voice, touch and natural language understanding innovations supporting Mandarin Chinese define a new generation of intelligent systems and personal assistant technologies. Source:


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