Number of location enabled browsers is set to increase exponentially

According t market research firm ABI, by the year 2016 there will be around 1.7 billion location enabled browsers in use, globally. Increased usage of location based services (LBS) by popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is fuelling the growth of these services.

One of the best things about accessing location based services through a compatible browser is that it gives freedom form downloading different applications for different purposes. This is especially beneficial for mobile devices, because they still have to deal with certain limitations like processing power.

The possibilities of using location based services productively are endless. They can be used for enhancing productivity, taking advertising to a new level, crime fighting and other innovative ways that are yet to be realized.

number of location based browser is going to be more and more
Location Based Browsing
However, there are still some concerns regarding location based services. Primary among them is privacy. Sensitive data like personal location should be used with utmost care in the best interest of both the consumer and the companies.

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