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Opel demonstrates OnStar Automatic Crash Response at eCall Days Germany conference

Published: September 17, 2014 | Berlin

Opel is demonstrating its ambition to become one of the leading player in automotive connectivity by taking an active role in this year’s “eCall Days Germany” (September 16-18). Opel plans to introduce the OnStar connected vehicle service across its passenger car range in selected European countries, beginning in 2015. The company recently showcased their automated driving technology with the Opel Insignia Research Vehicle.

At “eCall Days Germany”, Catherine M. Bishop, manager of global emergency services outreach and strategy at OnStar, and Gerrit Riemer, director of future mobility at Opel, will deliver a presentation on how OnStar assists public safety; in particular, they will inform the conference about OnStar Automatic Crash Response (ACR).

Source: Opel

With Automatic Crash Response, OnStar automatically connects the vehicle to a specially trained emergency advisor the moment it detects a crash. If the driver or a passenger requests help, or cannot answer, emergency responders are sent to the vehicle.

OnStar provides additional emergency assistance, as well as ACR. With Emergency Services, if a driver, passenger or even a bystander needs emergency help, they just press the emergency button inside the car. They will get priority connection to a specially trained advisor who can contact fire, police or emergency medical services and guide them to the car.On average, OnStar receives two calls every second, or 185,000 every day, and automatically responds to nearly 5,000 car crashes across the globe every month. Advisors monitor the OnStar network 24/7, 365 days a year.

The “eCall Days” conference at the Representation of Lower Saxony at the Federal Government in Berlin gives an overview of the status of the introduction of eCall in Europe.

In addition to bringing OnStar to Europe, Opel will rollout 4G LTE with which the car becomes a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot for up to seven mobile devices.

Source: Opel


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