PeopleNet offers engine reporting for CNG and LNG vehicles


USA: PeopleNet has announced that it is the only telematics provider to deliver engine reporting for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) vehicles. The company has introduced vehicle management reporting feature that helps alternative fuel powered fleets accurately measure driver and vehicle performance and forecast savings of switching to natural gas. PeopleNet translates the data set of pounds of compressed or liquid gas to Diesel Equivalent Gallons.

PeopleNet CEO Ron Konezny stated that, “Rising fuel costs and the trucking industry’s commitment to ecology have prompted more fleets to consider purchasing trucks that use natural gas as a more cost-effective, greener, and quieter alternative to traditional diesel. By adding a Vehicle Management reporting capability that translates gas into comparable diesel consumption, we’ve given fleet managers a tool that easily compares performance and forecasts savings.”



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