Renault to unveil concept car SYMBIOZ at Frankfurt motor show

Renault will unveil SYMBIOZ, a concept car that expresses the company’s vision of autonomous, electric and connected mobility by the year 2030.

The name SYMBIOZ is derived from ‘sumbi?sis’, the Ancient Greek word for ‘living together as the concept addresses customer expectations in the future related to mobility and lifestyle, as well as the environmental and urban challenges that lie ahead. The letter ‘Z’ at the end refers to the all-electric Z.E. technology that powers the car.

2017 - Concept-car Renault SYMBIOZ
2017 – Concept-car Renault SYMBIOZ

Renault SYMBIOZ will be unveiled at a press conference at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show at 9:50 am on Tuesday, September 12.


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