Satmap showcases its new Active 12 GPS unit

GPS specialist Satmap announced the launch of its Satmap Active 12 unit, a new GPS which shares the casing of the original Satmap Active 10, but has a higher resolution screen, Bluetooth connectivity and other useful upgrades.

The new Active 12 has a 3.5-inch full colour screen with a HVGA resolution of 320×488 pixels. A new Bluetooth module will allow users to monitor and record heart rate data in use, cyclists will be able to track speed and cadence and you’ll be able to share route and track data wirelessly with other Satmap users.

It will also have a super-accurate Swiss barometric sensor which is claimed to be able to measure differences in pressure across just 50cm. That means users will be able to track ascent and descent rates and monitor the gradient of slopes, a great feature for both cyclists and mountaineers.



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