Autonomous “Smart Panda Bus” launched

DeepBlue Technology has launched the "Smart Panda", an autonomous driving bus.

DeepBlue Technology has launched the “Smart Panda”, an autonomous driving bus. Its design has been inspired by one of China’s most iconic symbols, the panda bear. It is equipped with Deepblue’s signature autonomous driving technology, computer vision, hand palm recognition and an environmentally friendly electric engine. It aims to provide an out of this world experience by combining unmanned intelligent transportation with an AI voice system that allows customers to interact with the bus.

DeepBlue autonomous driving bus rapid transit (BRT) can be a more attractive option considering the conjestion due to rapid urbanization. Autonomous driving BRT has the power to lead urban development as it offers a faster and more comfortable experience, allowing Chinese commuters to save time on a daily basis.

Even though the development of the bus rapid transit (BRT) has been present in the international scene for a while, autonomous driving vehicles are still at an early stage of development. As a new public transportation method, the structure of the current Chinese transportation system will have to accommodate the development of closed safe trails to allow for the autonomous driving of vehicles like the Panda Bus. For instance, Shanghai has started making some structural changes by implementing several BRT pilot projects that aim to improve the public traffic conditions in central urban areas. DeepBlue’s Smart Panda Bus will bring BRT to the next level.

DeepBlue Technology has integrated its latest technologies into the Panda Bus in a quest for the development of the transportation method of the future. It aims to optimize users’ experience by offering solutions that will help save time by multitasking, being able to carry out several activities while commuters travel comfortably. Thanks to a strong sales network , the Deepblue Smart Panda Buses have already been sold in more than 200 cities across China and 500 cities all over the world.


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