Tata has plans to develop autonomous cars

It is being reported by certain sections of media that Tata may soon be testing India’s first self-driven car on Bengaluru roads. The company is said to be seeking necessary permissions for conducting such tests, and a tentative date for tests would be soon announced.Tata_Elxsi_Telematics_Wire_logo

As per reports, Tata Elxsi has re-engineered their two sedans and has equipped them with Lidar radars, stereoscopic camera and ultrasonic sensors. An onboard computer is placed for receiving signals from these equipments, which would in-turn used by the self-driving mechanism to control steering, and self-navigate the roads.

Tata is also open for any kind of partnership with other manufacturers if any offer comes its way. They are even willing to source their software and technology to other car manufacturers if they are interested.

With ARAI developing autonomous car prototype and Tata also being interested in developing autonomous cars suddenly things seem to be gathering momentum in India.


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