TomTom and Elektrobit reveal HD Map Horizon for automated driving

TomTom and Elektrobit (EB) have announced the release of a High Definition (HD) map horizon for automated driving. An HD map horizon helps vehicles to build a highly accurate virtual picture of the road ahead, enhancing driver safety and comfort.

By streaming the latest TomTom HD Maps via TomTom AutoStream through Elektrobit’s “EB robinos Predictor” onboard software, the HD map horizon targets vehicles with a Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Automation Level of 2 and higher.

EB robinos Predictor claims to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the road ahead that greatly benefits vehicles and drivers from information beyond the sensor horizon for a safer and more comfortable ride.

It is also compliant with the automotive industry’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Interface Specification (ADASIS) v3 protocol.

The companies last year had announced their intention to develop an easy-to-implement HD map horizon for vehicles with driver assistance, and higher levels of automation. They are now delivering on this, making the product available to car manufacturers and their technology partners.

Source: Press Release


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