Toyota irked by California’s autonomous vehicle testing rules

Published: 14 October 2016

Toyota is not happy with California’s autonomous vehicle testing rules and believes that it can prove to be a big hurdle in the deployment of autonomous vehicles on the roads. The NHTSA rules regarding autonomous vehicle testing in California will act as a roadblock for the technology’s deployment.


Late last month, California revealed a new proposal that would incorporate the NHTSA’s latest checklist as a replacement for third-party safety testing. The proposal also relaxed other guidelines and would allow the testing of autonomous vehicles without a human driver or steering wheel, given the vehicle came equipped with two-way communication and complied with the NHTSA checklist. A public hearing on the proposal will be held later this month.


Toyota believes that since they have to follow the points in the checklist issued by NHTSA California while testing an autonomous vehicle, the innovation and speed of invention in the autonomous segment is being hampered. The pre-approval of autonomous testing vehicles before they are allowed into the streets of California is somewhat flawed, says Toyota. The company believes that the norms are not in favour of autonomous vehicle technology.

It was also reported that President Obama also believes that the NHTSA checklist is crucial to keep self-driving safe and the points should be followed not only by the car manufacturing and technology companies, but by every interested American to ensure that the self-driving feature is completely safe.

How the companies that are working on self-driving technology react to the NHTSA guidelines would be interesting to see.


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