Toyota to perform verification tests of traffic alleviation system in Beijing


USA: Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (China) (TMEC), Beihang University and CenNavi Technologies have collaborated to conduct a joint verification testing project in which data from the Netstream traffic-flow simulator will be used in practical car-based applications to help alleviate traffic congestion in Beijing. The project will also receive support from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport and is scheduled to commence in July.

In the verification tests, vehicles will be guided from congested expressways to uncongested expressways via an ETC device and a smartphone app. Users will be provided information about required driving times by route, and will also be notified of toll discounts for using uncongested expressways. With the goal of having the simulator used in city planning, the verification tests will serve to evaluate the simulator’s effect on traffic congestion and the data obtained during the tests will be used to improve its accuracy.

Since July 2011, the four organizations, in their efforts to alleviate traffic congestion, have been using the Netstream traffic-flow simulator in joint research into technologies to predict Beijing traffic conditions. The results from this research will be used in the verification tests to commence in July.

Source: Toyota


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