Uber expands self-driving car partnership, may tie-up with Hyundai Motor

Published: June 15, 2016 | South Korea

After getting into partnership with Toyota and Fiat Chrysler, Uber is planning to connect with Hyundai Motor to expand its umbrella of autonomous car-sharing services. According to The Korea Herald, during a recent autonomous technology seminar conducted by Hyundai, the automaker confirmed by raising speculation of the two firms’ possible tie-up in the self-driving sector.

Uber is constantly trying to sign deals with automotive companies across the globe so that its self-driving car project is ready by 2020. Therefore, with this merger, Uber is going to launch fully autonomous car driving in the near future. Speaking on Hyundai’s performance in the self-driving cars domain, it became the first company in Korea to receive a license from the government to test its self-driving Genesis premium sedan on roads in March.

Uber testing self-driving car in Pittsburgh

When asked about this merger, Lee Sang-hyun, an analyst from IBK Investment & Securities, said:

The two companies can create synergy in their future businesses through the partnership. It will be a good opportunity for Hyundai to secure a stable client of its advanced cars. For Uber’s part, it may want to lay the groundwork to restart its business via the partnership with the local automaker after failing to run its business here due to regulations.

If speculations are to be believed, Uber may purchase the new G80 models scheduled to make a debut in 2019 as the car is likely to come out with a fully autonomous driving technology.


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