Uber to set up AI lab in Toronto

Legal issues with Waymo over ‘stealing’ of self-driving technology and speculations about future of its self-driving program has not stopped Uber from moving ahead with its plans. Recently Uber has announced that it will be setting up its first research hub outside US in Toronto. For this purpose, it has hailed a prominent artificial-intelligence academic-Raquel Urtasun.


Raquel Urtasun is an associate professor at the University of Toronto. Her work focuses on developing the software for self-driving cars and her research interests are listed as including machine learning, computer vision, robotics and remote sensing. Uber’s new lab headed by her.

Toronto has been emerging as an important hub of artificial intelligence research, but the Uber’s research hub will be focussed on improved mapping for autonomous cars and company has no plans to actually test the vehicles in Toronto. Uber also has driverless-car research in San Francisco and Pittsburgh in the US.


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