Valarm – Versatile Asset Locator And Remote Monitor


USA: Initially, Valarm was launched as a theft tracking solution but, in recent times, Valarm has a general purpose platform for remote environmental monitoring, mobile data acquisition, and asset/vehicle tracking. Valarm is an Android mobile app and integrated suite of web-based tools can track almost anything via GPS, and remotely monitor almost any environment via built-in and external sensors. Commercial fleet managers use Valarm as a vehicle or container-tracking device with additional sensor information. Scientists use it as a remote environmental monitor or mobile data acquisition platform. Consumers can use Valarm to track down their lost or stolen property, by configuring it as a motion-sensing or sound-sensing, GPS-enabled, anti-theft alarm and tracking device, or a powerful property monitor.  Hobbyists can also use Valarm to monitor homes, gardens, aquariums, aquaponics or hydroponics.


  • The Valarm-equipped Android device can immediately distribute configurable alerts via SMS/text, email, and the web.
  • Valarm can be configured to send a text, email, or post to your account on, when any sensor is triggered by your settings, for example: your vehicle travels too far, too fast, or too close to a forbidden area (GPS geofence), or the accelerator is “floored” or the engine raced (OBD2 integration)



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