Waymo training its cars to recognize the sights and sounds of emergency vehicles

It’s crucial for every driver to recognize the characteristic signs of an emergency vehicle, therefore, Waymo is training its self-driving cars for this. The company has teamed up with Chandler Police and Fire in Arizona to set up an “emergency vehicle testing day.”


The self-driving cars of the company equipped with a powerful suite of sensors were made to observe police cars, motorcycles, ambulances, firetrucks, and even a few undercover vehicles as they trailed. As these emergency vehicles drove around, sensors collected samples at various speeds, distances, and angles. The aim of this exercise is to build up a library of sights and sounds to help self-driving cars to respond safely to emergency vehicles on the road.

Using these sensors, the company will program its software to discern which direction the sirens are likely coming from so they can gauge the direction of an oncoming fire truck or ambulance allows our self-driving vehicles to make smarter and safer decisions.


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