YFind introduces shopper analytics dashboard with indoor positioning technology


Singapore: YFind, indoor location provider,  has released  TheRetailHQ – a shopper analytics dashboard powered by YFind’s patented indoor positioning system.

According to YFind, within the store analytics is what makes TheRetailHQ unique.  Alternative solutions provide in-store analytics, however, as per the company, TheRetailHQ accurately pinpoints a shopper’s specific location inside a store.  Furthermore, to achieve this, shoppers are not required to download an app. In other words, TheRetailHQ offers ‘zone level’ tracking, that provides deeper analytics through the use of ‘zone-to-zone’ or ‘section-to-section’ tracking.

TheRetailHQ provides new metrics such as identifying unique shoppers; pinpointing new versus repeat customers; tracking dwell-time; analyzing where shoppers are spending time in the store and more.  This footfall analytics dashboard is analogous to Web analytics for the ‘offline’ world, and enables retailers to better understand how shoppers behave – and make more informed decisions based on insights previously unavailable to them.  Using TheRetailHQ, retailers can generate quantifiable, traffic-based ROI for advertising and promotional campaigns, with technology that accurately measures the effectiveness of marketing programs based on real footfall data.

Melvin Yuan, co-founder of YFind, said:  “Indoor positioning is increasingly important to businesses who seek to deepen their understanding of customer behavior, and transform the shopper experience – making it highly-targeted and relevant. YFind is a pioneer in this field, and our indoor positioning engine is proven to be very accurate. Our customers – including several government agencies in Singapore, one of the largest malls in the world and several retailers in Asia – are a testament to the strength of our technology and solutions.  YFind’s core indoor positioning engine technology, commercial applications and worldwide customer base give us a clear competitive advantage in our quest to redefine the retail space as we know it, enabling retailers to take control of their destiny – and make intelligent decisions based on real-in-the-store customer behavior data.”



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