ZTR offers new On-Road Vehicle Package to streamline monitoring of equipment and service vehicles

Published: October 21, 2014 | Canada

ZTR announces a new On-Road Vehicle Package that ties on-road and off-road together in one view. The new compact OBDII hardware is plug and play and attaches to almost any vehicle. The reports provide usage-based business intelligence that helps reduce the True Cost-to-Own (TCO) for service vehicles. It provides a single source for downtime prevention, proactive maintenance, reducing fuel costs, and utilization tracking.

ZTR on road vehicle PACKAGE

Reports are delivered when and where customers want, including vehicle usage reports, weekly single asset or fleet view reports, details trip reports, and alarms. Breadcrumbs pinpoint vehicle locations and can be seen on a smartphone. In your office or in the field, you’ll always know what you need to know about all your equipment–on-road and off.

“ZTR developed the On-Road Vehicle package in response to customers asking to streamline monitoring of equipment and service vehicles. They want to be able to view their off-road equipment and on-road vehicles in one place.”Michael Tidy, General Manager, ZTR Connected Asset Division

The system runs on the i3 Platform that allows users to integrate all telematics in one solution, one place, one login. The i3 Platform provides all of the essential elements needed to quickly implement a GPS/Telematics, no matter who the manufacturer, into an integrated solution tailored to each individual business.

Source: Digital Journal


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