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Arilou and STMicroelectronics join forces

Arilou Information Security Technologies and STMicroelectronics are working together on the integration of Arilou’s Intrusion Detection and Prevention system (IDPS) Software solution into ST’s SPC58 Chorus series of 32-bit Automotive microcontroller.

Arilou, part of NNG Group and is a supplier of high-end cyber security solutions for the automotive industry and STMicroelectronics is a semiconductor company.

The companies aim to produce a fully integrated solution that addresses the emerging request for protection against intrusion via communication buses in Automotive Body and Gateway applications.

Advanced security solutions require a multi-layer approach where both hardware and software monitor the data streams to detect communication anomalies. According to the companies the combination of the Security Engine embedded in the SPC58 “Chorus” Series of automotive MCUs with the capability of Arilou’s IDPS software to detect traffic anomalies, provides a state-of-the art cyber-security solution.

The companies also demonstrated their efforts in a private suite at CES 2019.

Source: Press Release


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