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Ctrack teams up with Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) to target driver safety

Driver_Behaviour_DashboardCtrack has teamed up with Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) to integrate its advanced vehicle tracking systems with the company’s award-winning fleet compliance solution. The development team at Ctrack supplement that vehicle operators will now be able to use real-time driver behaviour data to better understand, manage and minimise risks facing their drivers. Thiey say that the system will help companies to drive down accident rates and protect both employees and the public, and also reduce fleet costs, increase productivity and improve the reputation of the business.

The ADT compliance solution uses a wide range of data sources including automated licence checks, online risk assessments, maintenance audits and claims data to identify risk and recommend the necessary course of action. To date, fleet operators have only been able to act retrospectively using this information, but with the integration of the Ctrack system it will be possible extract real-time driver performance data to highlight areas of improvement. As a result, companies will be able to undertake immediate and meaningful action that will enhance their fleet by reducing accidents, fuel usage and vehicle wear and tear.

The Ctrack system enables companies to quickly and easily compare driving performance, monitoring a range of exceptions including harsh acceleration, braking, cornering and even travelling too quickly over speed humps, as well as speeding compared to the road speed limit and also excess idling. With this added insight, it will be possible to assess the best and worst performing parts of the operation to support fleet policy by enabling process change, implementing awareness campaigns and undertaking focussed training.

Source: Ctrack



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