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Fujitsu to offer its SPATIOWL traffic information to Indonesian toll management company

Published: November 27, 2014 | Tokyo, Japan

Fujitsu announced that it has started providing its FUJITSU Intelligent Society Solution SPATIOWL, a cloud service that utilizes location information, to PT. Marga Utama Nusantara, a toll road management company in the Republic of Indonesia.

The SPATIOWL probe traffic information service implemented by PT. Marga Utama Nusantara, which can be inexpensively installed on a smartphone, collects probe data such as vehicle location, time and speed, and generates and accumulates traffic information, such as congestion conditions and their duration.

By accessing the SPATIOWL application from a browser at the toll road control center, PT. Marga Utama Nusantara can obtain information for use in instructing drivers on when roads are congested, when there are accidents, and when a disaster occurs. Also, there are future plans to expand the range of utilization, such as providing limited-time discounts based on an analysis of traffic volumes, and providing new services that link SPATIOWL with digital signs on highways.

Fujitsu will continue to put forward optimal proposals to the Republic of Indonesia and, together with support for PT. Marga Utama Nusantara, will contribute to relieving traffic congestion, which is one of the country’s social problems.

PT. Marga Utama Nusantara made the decision to implement SPATIOWL to provide drivers with real-time traffic information, which would influence them to switch to toll roads, thereby increasing revenue, away from local roads, in effect relieving traffic congestion.

Service Features and Results:

Provision of traffic congestion information and duration

From data collected using probes, SPATIOWL will generate data on traffic congestion and the time required between interchanges, which will then be displayed on route maps. PT. Marga Utama Nusantara will access the SPATIOWL application from a browser at the toll road control center, and receive this information for use to instruct drivers on when roads are congested, when there are accidents, and when a disaster occurs.

Past traffic information accumulated by SPATIOWL can also be downloaded. PT Marga Utama Nusantara plans to contribute to increasing the number of toll toad users and relieving traffic congestion on local roads by analyzing, from past traffic information, periods of time when there were a low number of toll road users, and by carrying out measures such as limited-time discounts.

Accumulation of probe data from smartphones

The service implemented by PT. Marga Utama Nusantara uses the GPS function on smartphones installed in PT. Mara Utama Nusantara’s toll road patrol cars to collect probe data such as location of the vehicle, time, and speed. Smartphones make deployment relatively inexpensive, and it is also easy to increase the number of data collection vehicles.

Link with surveillance cameras

PT. Marga Utama Nusantara also plans to link SPATIOWL to surveillance cameras currently used to monitor congestion conditions at toll booths, which will enable images from the surveillance cameras and traffic information from SPATIOWL to be monitored by switching screens on a PC, thereby increasing the operational efficiency of the toll road control center.

Source: Fujitsu


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