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GreenRoad unveils Smartphone edition with RFID and reporting features


UK: GreenRoad has announced new features including RFID-based driver identification; real-time email alerts; and an enhanced interface for GreenRoad Smartphone Edition.

GreenRoad’s new RFID feature automates driver association with trips by detecting when a driver boards a vehicle, eliminating the need for drivers to log on with a Dallas key.

GreenRoad Smartphone Edition has been enhanced with Facebook integration that allows drivers to share their achievements with friends. GreenRoad Smartphone Edition, code named “Asimov”, uses smartphone native functionality, including GPS and built-in accelerometers, to eliminate the need for a professionally installed telematics device in the vehicle.

A new version of GreenRoad Central, the software at the heart of the GreenRoad service, includes real-time alerts for exception events, including high-risk events in all driver behavior categories as well as speed violations.  In addition to receiving email alerts in real-time, managers can view their alerts on a To Do list through GreenRoad Central.

Gerry Price, Group Commercial Director, said, “GreenRoad has enhanced driver performance and cut risk in our bus fleet across the world, as well as improving the customer experience for thousands of sightseers. Now with RFID it is even easier for our drivers to use GreenRoad.”

Source: http://greenroad.com/press-releases/greenroad-adds-rfid-and-reporting-features-introduces-new-smartphone-interface-with-facebook-integration/


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