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NNG reveals NaviFusion Platform to sync the vehicles, smartphone and cloud

Published: June 4, 2015 | Detroit, United States

NNG announces its new NaviFusion Platform, which allows NNG partners to create an integrated and customized OEM branded ecosystem that harmoniously syncs the vehicles, the smartphone and the cloud. Car-life integration, using the reliability of in-car infotainment, the personalization of smartphones, and the independence of connectivity to create a user-focused and OEM-controlled platform. The platform is fully customizable, deeply integrated, and can be branded to the specifications of any OEM.

The NavFusion Platform is geared toward the automotive industry to bring connectivity to vehicles and maximize the core driving experience. The result is an ecosystem that keeps the in-car experience under the umbrella of automotive companies while combining static and dynamic connected content, navigation, ADAS, in-car map updates, personalized infotainment, predicttive maintenance, and more.

“We believe this is the future of the core driving experience. We’re giving consumers the experiences they want and value, while at the same time giving OEMs the control and ownership they need. Drawing on our experience with our Tier1 and OEM partners, we worked to develop a harmonious ecosystem that incorporated many of the key aspects of modern driving. We’re confident the NavFusion Platform will change the way drivers interact with their cars and the way manufacturers interact with their customers.”- Jim Robnett, VP of Business Development

While Consumer Electronics companies continue to push into the automotive market – raising questions about data ownership, OEM autonomy, and product liability – NNG believes that it’s necessary to offer a platform geared towards the automotive industry in order to bring connectivity to vehicles and maximize the core driving experience. This will help bridge the gap between Detroit and Silicon Valley. The NavFusion Platform concept will be on display at this year’s Telematics Update in Detroit from June 3-4 and a user case study video can be seen here. The NavFusion Platform is now available to Tier1 and OEM partners worldwide.

Source: NNG


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