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Qualcomm releases new terrestrial broadband pricing plans for MCP110 and MCP200


USA: Qualcomm has now rolled out tiered monthly data plans for its Mobile Computing Platforms 110 and 200 (MCP110 and MCP200). The new terrestrial broadband options offer private and for-hire fleets greater pricing flexibility to better meet their needs and more cost effectively adopt data-intensive applications.

Terrestrial broadband pricing plans allow fleets to select a data plan that best meets the needs of their fleet and can assign a different plan to distinct portions of their fleet. So rather than incur transaction charges per page, it is easier to adopt data-intensive applications, providing benefits to more fleets of all sizes and operational profiles.  Fleets that deploy applications such as In-Cab Scanning and Media Manager, can effectively turn the cab of the truck into a mobile office to streamline business operations and increase driver satisfaction. These applications enable drivers to be more connected when on the road, leading to greater productivity and improved quality of life.

In-Cab Scanning lets drivers digitally scan and manage documents, which can improve billing and payment cycles. Media Manager enables fleets to deliver important multi-media content, such as video, audio and PDFs, directly to drivers on the road, keeping them connected, which can enhance their satisfaction, knowledge and performance. Both applications are available on Qualcomm’s MCP110 and MCP200 end-to-end fleet management solutions that help fleets and drivers improve productivity, safety, compliance and customer service.

Norm Ellis, vice president of sales, services and marketing for Qualcomm Enterprise Services, stated that, “With driver retention and satisfaction top of mind for many fleets, productivity and quality of life on the road are more important than ever, making it the ideal time for private and for-hire carriers to adopt solutions that can help drivers stay more connected and be more efficien. In-Cab Scanning and Media Manager deliver mobile office functionality to enhance the driver experience, and, in response to customer requests for greater flexibility, we are now pleased to be able to offer terrestrial broadband pricing that can deliver these applications more cost effectively.”

Source: http://www.qualcomm.com/media/releases/2012/06/05/qualcomm-adds-new-terrestrial-broadband-pricing-plans-mcp110-and-mcp200-im


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