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Rand McNally releases TrueTrack powered by IntelliRoute software for improved fleet management

Published: August 19, 2014 | United States

Rand McNally announced the release of Rand McNally TrueTrack, a new web-based solution that helps fleet managers improve driver safety, enhance customer service with more accurate arrival time information, and reduce fuel usage by curtailing out-of-route driving. Rand McNally’s TrueTrack powered by IntelliRoute software– enables fleet managers to better control the in-cab routing experience, helping to improve operational efficiency and cost savings.


Rand McNally’s TrueTracksolution works in conjunction with Rand McNally’s TPC 7600 and TND760 devices and is available via the Rand McNally Connect web portal – the company’s cloud-based access point that includes dashboards and reporting for its mobile fleet management customers. All current customers with Connect web portal log-ins have access to the new software.

TrueTracksolution provides increased visibility of vehicle location and control over a driver’s in-cab navigation. The new functionality gives fleet managers the option to set navigation parameters for an individual vehicle, or for an entire group of vehicles through the Connect web portal. These parameters can then be sent to a fleet vehicle’s TPC 7600 or TND 760. Remotely configuring navigation assists in managing: fuel expenses, vehicle compliance, and routing safety.

Additionally, TrueTracksolution provides fleet managers access to current vehicle locations and estimated times of arrival; which in turn assists in supporting load assignments and customer service management.

Specifically, with Rand McNally TrueTrack solution, fleet supervisors can pre-set and remotely manage:

  • Proactive Driver Alerts – Fleet managers can specify proactive alerts of approaching road conditions including posted speed limit changes, toll roads, sharp curves or steep declines.
  • Company Address Book – Fleet managers can upload a spreadsheet of locations into Rand McNally TrueTrack® and download those locations to each vehicle’s device. Locations can be organized by account or by location. Drivers can quickly select and route to the destination from a full company directory, versus typing in each location by address.
  • Route Settings – Fleet managers are able to select the type of route computed on the in-cab device. Route settings include restrictions for 53-foot trailers, 48-foot trailers, double, triple or straight truck configurations. Route settings may also be configured to Hazmat routes, avoid tolls or take the shortest or fastest route.
  • Synchronized arrival time – Via reports, fleet managers can monitor a vehicle’s destination and estimated time of arrival, as well as the driver’s available hours of service (HOS) information. Drivers and dispatchers share the same ETA information, which helps minimize dispatcher calls to the truck for updated information.

“TrueTrackprovides a powerful set of tools for fleets that is a baseline for a number of future releases. TrueTrackwill provide a single version of the truth, creating alignment between fleet managers and drivers on the route driven, actual miles, and the estimated time of arrival.”Jim Rodi, Senior Vice President, Mobile Communications, Rand McNally

Source: Rand McNally


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