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Zubie unveils its new range of fleet management & in-vehicle Wi-Fi solutions

Published: August 16, 2016 | Charleston, US

Adding to its wide range of services, Zubie has recently launched its enhanced business fleet and analytics solution, which includes in-vehicle Wi-Fi powered by Verizon’s 4G LTE network. The new Zubie Business + In-Vehicle Wi-Fi solution is the first in the industry to meet the needs of the growing number of businesses that rely on the power of both telematics and in-vehicle mobile connectivity.

The core Zubie Business solution uses a cellular connection device, along with simple-to-use web and mobile apps tailored for fleet monitoring and analytics. It offers capabilities such as remote monitoring of vehicle location, analysis of driving activity and vehicle diagnostics without requiring driver interaction, and delivers vehicle information even while vehicles are turned off.

The telematics capabilities are now enhanced with the addition of mobile hotspot connectivity that meets the needs of customers looking for in-vehicle Wi-Fi to keep their workforces productive while on the go. The Zubie Business + In-Vehicle Wi-Fi solution can power businesses ranging from small local companies to large national fleets.


Zubie COO Prag Shah, said:

We have experience serving a wide array of small and large businesses, and understand that fleet managers and business owners are continually looking for ways to improve the safety of their drivers and the efficiency of their operations. The combination of In-vehicle Wi-Fi connected by the Verizon 4G LTE network and Zubie’s robust tracking and data analytics capabilities means we can now offer businesses one of the most powerful and comprehensive connected-vehicle solutions in the industry, simply and affordably.

Mobile workers can be quickly connected to the office and their customers. Transportation providers such as shuttle and limousine services can offer high-speed Wi-Fi to their passengers. First responders and service professionals can now access high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity across multiple devices such as tablets and dash cameras. Zubie’s solution does not require professional installation, is simple to configure and use, and is more affordable than most fleet solutions on the market.

Zubie’s expertise in integrating its cloud platform, vehicle and driver data analytics, and aftermarket OBD-based devices has proven successful in meeting the needs of its enterprise customers in several vertical industries, and is also paving the way for telematics data monetization.  Additionally, since the launch of its ZinC Open API platform, the company has attracted a diverse set of developers and partners creating apps leveraging Zubie’s platform and vehicle data.

Source: Zubie


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