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Geotab launches GO9 telematics device

Geotab has announced the availability of its new GO9 telematics device. It is company’s newest product designed to help businesses better manage their fleets.

According to the company, with better acceleration tracking, a more accurate GPS, better support for vehicle-generated data and for new vehicle types, Geotab’s GO9 device is designed to enable businesses to drive more information from their fleet.

Maintaining its small form-factor design and ability to self-configure for most vehicles, With increased code space, memory and a more powerful processor, the GO9 enables fleets to do more, allowing for the continued addition of new features such as fuel reports as well as the introduction of add-ins for years to come.
Additional new features and benefits include:

• Gyroscope & Enhanced Accelerometer: With the addition of a gyroscope, the GO9 device provides enhanced data for areas such as harsh braking, acceleration and accidents, helping fleet managers better manage their drivers’ safety and minimize unplanned downtime due to unnecessary wear-and-tear.

• Global Navigation Satellite GNSS module (GLONASS+GPS support): Offering customers both GPS and GLONASS support, the GO9 utilizes the latest GNSS module which provides users with increasingly accurate location data.

• Improved Over-the-Air Software Updates & Provisioning: Helps to ensure that the firmware running on the GO9 device is always the most up-to-date available from install onwards, helping to optimize device security, safety and efficiency.

The GO9 device is also FIPS 140-2 validated which is the benchmark for cryptographic modules protecting sensitive information in computer and telecommunication systems for U.S. Government, Canadian Government, and Military use.

Source: Press Release


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