Vehicle Telematics

Munic OBD-II dongles connect Assurant’s Pocket Drive to vehicle insights has announced that Assurant Global Automotive has selected its Munic OBD-II Dongles a crucial part of its new connected car offering.

Assurant’s Pocket Drive enables dealers and their customers to benefit from cutting-edge mobile connectivity and vehicle data insights.

Pocket Drive utilizes a cellular-connected dongle developed by Mobile Devices, with either a LTE CatM or LTE Cat4+WIFI Hotspot, which plugs into a vehicle’s OBD-II port and collects a wealth of insights. A dealer version empowers owners to modernize their operations and create a more streamlined customer experience. A consumer version offers customers a safer, simpler and smarter way to drive.

Mobile Devices’ OBD-II dongles all run on the platform. This software stack is based on Morpheus 3.4, an Operating System for Telematics applications. Morpheus’ 5,000+ APIs enable development and integration of any services onto the dongle.

Source: Press Release


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