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Trak Global Group has launched a Carrot branded young driver product in Canada

Trak Global Group, the UK’s telematics technology company, has launched a  Carrot branded young driver product in Canada. The smartphone app based product “Drive with Carrot”, is being exclusively distributed via InsureMy Inc., a Calgary-based insurance broker.

According to the company, in the UK, Carrot’s newly-qualified customers are 42% less likely to be involved in a road traffic accident, than those who do not have a telematics product, and this track record has huge appeal to Canadian parents

The scoring concept and coaching elements of this new young driver product had proved popular in research among Canadian parents, who tend to be more ‘hands on’ where their teenage children are concerned than their British counterparts.

Nick Corrie TGG’s CEO said “With the policyholder’s permission, parents of Carrot’s new drivers can download and log into the app so they can review the driver’s performance. Parents get peace of mind even when they are not physically in the car, and they like the way we use fact-based data to steer young drivers towards improved behaviour on the road.”

It helps to take the emotion out of the equation and reduces stress in the young driver-parent relationship, when a child gets behind the wheel for the first time after passing their test” he continued.


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