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Tyrata’s IntelliTread enables real-time tread wear measurement

Every year, tire-related accidents claim the lives of hundreds and injure thousands. Many of these accidents are due to worn tires, yet, the only common method to determine tread depth is to manually gauge the tire, such as with a penny held in one of the grooves.

In this line, Tire sensor and data management company Tyrata has announced that it has achieved a significant milestone in the development of its IntelliTreadTM real-time tread wear sensors. IntelliTread sensors use wireless signals to track millimeter-scale changes in tread depth. When commercially available, the sensors will signal when it’s time to replace tires or report information about uneven and often dangerous tire wear conditions.

IntelliTread sensors determine tread depth using proprietary sensor and electronic technology mounted inside of the tire.

When a voltage is applied to the sensor, an electrical signal passes through the tire. As the rubber wears down, the signal changes. Sensor electronics use these signal changes to determine the tire’s tread depth, which can then be wirelessly transmitted for further analytics and/or displayed to the consumer.

According to the company, it has now successfully validated the technology in OEM passenger tires including steel belted radial tires from Hankook and Firestone. Sensors mounted to several sections from each tire produced predictable and repeatable responses when the tread was removed, 1 mm at a time.

The company sees this technology as a breakthrough that opens up the development of production-level packaging and on-vehicle integration and testing. The company is moving forward in its commercialization of the IntelliTread technology.

Source: Press Release


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