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Weather Telematics launches Predictiv RC micro-scale road conditions platform

Weather Telematics has introduced Predictiv RC, micro-scale road conditions platform for safer mobility. Predictiv RC claims to provide unsurpassed accuracy in assessing and managing risks associated with driving in poor road weather conditions.

According to the company, this is a critical solution necessary for the burgeoning autonomous and electric vehicle markets. Predictiv RC is WTX’s updated global platform that delivers “micro-scale” mapping resolution, ranging from 500 meters to below 200 meters. This feature enables Weather Telematics to improve the safety of current connected and electric vehicles while providing the essential data needed to operate autonomous vehicles in all weather conditions.

As per Weather Telematics, the platform’s APIs provide historical, current and predictive road weather conditions (dry, wet, snowy, icy) and road weather hazards, including hydroplaning, wind, visibility, hail and lightning. Predictiv RC enables vehicles to navigate safely in dangerous road conditions, predicting conditions 6-hours in advance on any route, with more than 90% accuracy.

For autonomous vehicle OEMs and automotive Tier 1 suppliers, WTX’s Predictiv RC platform assists vehicles’ management of adverse road conditions for safer driving, while predicting road weather conditions ahead of the vehicle to ensure safer route selection. For electric vehicle manufacturers, Predictiv RC also provides essential data needed to accurately assess the battery life, especially in extreme cold and hot weather conditions.

Source: Press Release


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