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11th Feb 2020

Press Release

Hyundai Motor Expands Partnership with U.S. Government to Support Further Exploration of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies

This partnership, along with other collaborations with global industry partners, will help address technical barriers and enable progress in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies across applications and sectors. Read more

News Snippets

The Current State of Car to Cloud Connectivity

[ETT India] Automakers are adding functions that all depend on connectivity. Plenty of companies also offer car-to-cloud platforms. Bear in mind, though, anyone who claims to have an “end-to-end” solution doesn’t. Read more

Reliance Jio to finally launch a scalable connected car solution which it has promised for years

[Analytics India Mag] Reliance Jio Infocomm is finally rolling out its connected car technology at the 15th edition of Auto Expo that begins at India Expo Mart in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The telecom giant is aiming to become India’s first major telecom company to expand its market to connected cars, a highly competitive yet nascent market across the globe.  Read more

House panel to address autonomous vehicles

[The Washington Post] A House panel will hold a hearing Tuesday on autonomous vehicles as lawmakers try to hammer out legislation to advance self-driving cars. Read more

Why India is in love with the shape of SUVs

[The Financial Express] Car designers argue that, amongst all body types, the SUV is the most practical as a people carrier – as compared to a similarly-sized sedan, it has more cabin space, is highly customizable, and egress and ingress is easier. Read more

Uber Returning To Driverless Car Testing

[Hot Air] Uber, the international rideshare company, has gotten approval from California regulators to test self-driving cars on state roads, company officials announced Wednesday. Read more

Covestro cooperates with China OEM for seats in concept EV

[Plastics Today] Covestro has partnered with the Research and Development Center of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd. (GAC R&D Center) to develop a lightweight composite seat back for the Chinese car manufacturer’s latest electric concept car, the ENO.146. Read more

Fiat Chrysler and AutoX confirm plans to work on robotaxis

[Yahoo Entertainment] Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is joining forces with the Chinese startup AutoX to bring self-driving robotaxis to China. The companies confirmed rumors of their partnership today and announced that the AutoX AI Driver platform will be installed in FCA Chrysler Pacificas. Read more

Blogs & Articles

Advanced Safety Technology Leads Motorists To Take Risks

[] The safety technology that is available in cars today includes everything from adaptive cruise control and blind-spot detection to lane departure warnings and emergency brake assist. These safety features help keep motorists safe by preventing serious car accidents. Read more

When it comes to autonomous vehicles the US cannot afford to be left in the dust

[The Hill] Compared to other industrialized nations, Americans spend far more time behind the wheel than drivers in other nations. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the average American drives 13,000 miles each year. Read more

A hydrogen-powered driverless vehicle to be developed in Estonia

[Eastonian World] The purpose of the cooperation project is to develop technology to enable the use of hydrogen in passenger cars. The project will integrate the hydrogen cell system into Auve Tech’s next-generation self-driving vehicle. Read more


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