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21st Feb 2020

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Hella to supply battery management systems to European EV maker

[Economic Times, 21st Feb 2020] Lighting and electronics company Hella on Friday said that it will supply battery management systems for the electric vehicle fleet of a European premium manufacturer. Read more

Putting the human back into autonomous driving

[Driving Electric, 21st Feb 2020] Nissan has taken the next step in autonomous driving, completing a 230-mile trip with its latest ‘human-like’ technology. We had a ride, and spoke to the experts behind it. Read more

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Battery charging meets machine learning

[Ars Technica, 21st Feb 2020] Batteries tend to involve lots of trade-offs. You can have a high capacity, but it means more weight and a slower charge. Or you can charge quickly and see the lifetime of your battery drop with each cycle. Read more

Is India ready for ‘peer to peer car rental’ segment?

[ORF, 21st Feb 2020] India is witnessing a profound change in the shared mobility sector[i] which makes a good case for the government to reform its policy for ‘peer-to-peer (“P2P”) car renting’ or ‘Airbnb for car’ segment. Read more


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