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24th Feb 2020

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Porsche opens Europe’s most powerful rapid-charging park in Leipzig

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Naples car museum acquires first driverless automobile

[Naples Daily News, 24th Feb 2020] The Revs Institute specializes in automotive firsts. The prestigious Naples car museum is now showing another pioneering vehicle: the first driverless car. Read more

How Tesla’s Model 3 Compares to Volkswagen’s New EV

[Business Insider, 24th Feb 2020] Volkswagen has unveiled a handful of electric concept cars since 2017. Now it finally has a production-ready EV, the ID.3. It’s a compact hatchback designed exclusively for the European market. Read more

Novel EV Battery Doubles Driving Range and Charges up to 80% in Five Minutes

[Interesting Engineering, 24th Feb 2020] A research team at the Center for Energy Storage Research of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) led by Dr. Hun-Gi Jung has developed a new battery made of silicon anode materials that offer a great improvement on traditional batteries. Read more

Blogs & Articles

Opinion: Connected cars and the new tricks IoT can teach old dogs

[Economic Times, 24th Feb 2020] Regardless of whether you find rechristening your wheels quirky or cringeworthy, a 2018 survey by the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency found that nearly 30% of drivers have given their car a nickname. Read more

11 Scary Facts About Driverless Car Technology

[The, 24th Feb 2020] There’s no denying the fact that there will be a lot more autonomous cars on the roads in the future. While the technology is still very much in the early development stages, Read more


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