Connected Vehicle

Building Connected Vehicle Platforms – A Practitioner’s Perspective

[18th Mar 2020] The vehicle being connected to the internet opens the possibilities to multiple services including safety, infotainment, telematics, vehicle diagnostics, driving behavior, driving assistance, remote services. The connectivity to the car has opened a parallel channel that allows disparate participants to create and exchange value throughout the entire journey of a vehicle. Features such as Over The Air (OTA) updates allow for constant innovation, value amplification and unlike the physical vehicle no depreciation. Orchestrating and delivering these services to the consumer in the car is performed by the connected platform. Building a connected vehicle platform is a multi-year journey that starts with business justification, defining the platform capabilities, outlining a roadmap, development, launch planning and operations. In this paper, we are focused on the platform build phase and not so much on the other phases. Read more


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