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3Dtracking Adds New Functionality to its Driver Behaviour Monitoring System

3Dtracking, a telematics platform provider, has added driver scoring/rating functionality to it’s driver behaviour feature,along with mobile vehicle allocation features, in a new update to its fleet management service platform.

The new platform additions are aimed to address global road traffic safety concerns where, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the number of annual road traffic deaths has reached 1.35 million. With road traffic injuries cited as the leading killer of people aged 5-29 years, service providers will now also be able to meet the rising demand for effective driver behaviour monitoring.

The comprehensive driver behavior feature gives fleet managers a unique insight into the top rated drivers, while the driver allocation feature removesthe need for hardware ID systems used for vehicle allocation. In addition, 3Dtracking’s new driver behaviour capabilities are supported on leading GPS devices, and can be flawlessly added to existing vehicles which are already integrated with the platform.

“Whichever way you look at it, if your client is able to monitor driver behaviour in a multi-driver fleet,there’s an opportunity to create value and make a proactive contribution to global road traffic safety, reduced maintenance costs and lower CO2 emissions,” says Roydon Michael, Head of Business Development at 3Dtracking. “By helping to build a standardised approach to driver monitoring, fleet managers will be able to lower insurance premiums, identify accident hotspots, provide evidence for anyinjury claims and prevent abuse, while improving their safety reputation and building a business case for increased investment in driver training.”

The newly released driver behaviour update provides a star rating for each trip based on the number of incidents, where 100% is a perfect trip with no incidents. Visual star indicators deliver quick monitoring, while users can view full breakdowns of any incidents per trip. The dashboard enables users to rank the five best and worst drivers, with a KPI report update that shows the driver/ vehicle percentage over the reporting period. The new driver allocation feature gives drivers the unique ability to instantly allocate themselves to a specific vehicle via a mobile app/ website, eliminating unnecessary costs associated with the driver tags and hardware needed to allocate drivers to vehicles.

“As well as saving the company money, fleet managers are now able to identify who is driving each vehicle, for improved accuracy in monitoring driver behaviour,” adds Roydon Michael.

Newer vehicles link the fleet management system to wireless devices and sensors, and integration with vehicles’ onboard computers or CANBUS, while older vehicles can use retro-fitted sensors. The company has also made a number of usability enhancements to the mobile app available on Google Play and Apple Store. 3Dtracking is currently offering demonstrations and no-obligation trials of the new update of its service platform.

Source: Press Release

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