A new method lets Vehicle and Smartphone Cameras to see around corners

Algolux, a provider of Machine learning optimization and embedded software for robust autonomous vision, has announced that a team of researchers have developed a new method that lets conventional color cameras — the ones in your smartphone or in a vehicle camera — see hidden objects that are occluded by walls or other scene objects.

According to the company, the team from Algolux, the University of Montreal, and Princeton University have achieved unprecedented resolution for non-line-of-sight (NLOS) imaging by being able to see objects in high-resolution and color around corners for the first time. The researchers were able to reconstruct high-quality images of traffic signs and other 3D objects without looking directly at those objects.

The authors were able to accomplish these results with existing conventional CMOS camera sensors and a change in the illumination method, needing only a small change to a car’s headlights or a smartphone’s flash. This research breakthrough opens a path to practical implementation across numerous markets.

Specifically, Algolux believes this technology can further strengthen the ability for autonomous vehicles to safely navigate in difficult road scenarios even when the view is blocked by obstructions or vehicles, deliver increased security for video surveillance, and enable additional use cases for smartphones, augmented reality, and medical imaging

Source: Press Release


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