AIStorm introduces AI-in-Sensor Solutions for Driver Assistance

AI-in-sensor processing company, AIStorm has introduced a family of semi-custom solutions for mobile handsets, IoT, and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

According to the company, it will initially targets two huge markets, mobile/wearable and ADAS:

1. AIStorm IoT Vision / IoT Waveform Solutions: Designed for imaging and HID/biometric applications in mobile phones, cameras, wearables & IoT applications, AIStorm offers AI-in-sensor solutions for tasks such as fingerprint sensing, gesture control, heart monitoring and heart-based identification, occupancy sensing, facial recognition, voice input, earbud, drone imaging, image stabilization, and security and intersection cameras. Custom optics or high CMRR PGA solutions are offered integrated with semi-custom variants of AIStorm’s high-performance analog AI engines.

2. AIStorm ADAS Solutions: Designed for advanced driver-assistance systems, AIStorm introduces CIS, SPAD / SiPM and SiGe sensors coupled to its analog AI engines, which eliminate the need for digitization and allow continuous processing of incoming data. These systems outperform ADC solutions, which can easily miss or distort incoming information and struggle to provide selective real-time data harvesting. Solutions at NIR, 1550nm and CIS are offered, as well as mirror, biasing, high-voltage driver, image-stabilization, and image-processing solutions. Other solutions include gesture control, eye-blink monitoring, voice, and wavelet-based failure detection.

AIStorm by processing sensor data directly in its native analog form—in real time—by using charge-domain processing instead of GPU/digital processing. Thus negates disadvantages due to AI systems requiring information be available in digital form before they can process data, however sensor data is analog.

Source: Press Release


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