Driving simulator expands Chinese automotive ADAS capability

The Chinese Automotive Technology and Research Centre (CATARC) has expanded its vehicle development capabilities by acquiring a new, third-generation driving simulator from AB Dynamics. The purchase is intended to help Chinese manufacturers design and test new vehicle concepts and advanced safety systems, including autonomy.

The Advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator (aVDS) provides the organisation with essential driver-in-the-loop testing capabilities, for developing vehicle dynamics, ride handling, ergonomics, driver behaviour, powertrain refinement and more.

The aVDS will also be an essential tool in evaluating and validating ADAS and autonomous technology. CATARC is the first proving ground to acquire an aVDS since the product’s launch last year.

The features of aVDS are:

• The aVDS has a wide range of upgrades that may be specified to provide increased immersion and capabilities.
• A stereo 10 projector system that enables both 2D and 3D viewing.
• It will also feature AB Dynamics’ lightweight carbon fibre passenger vehicle cabin including features like programmable dashboard, interchangeable automatic and manual transmissions, a cabin audio system and rear-view mirrors with image displays.
• Realistic steering feedback is provided by an active multi-function wheel, while an active brake pedal provides the driver with realistic dynamic road, ABS and braking ‘feel’ feedback.
• Motion cueing is enhanced with an active seat and seat belt, providing CATARC’s customers with an even greater level of immersion.
• A driver monitoring system from Smart Eye to gauge driver fatigue, distraction and workload by tracking pupil dilation, eye movement and eyelid position. The heart rate and galvanic skin response of the driver is also monitored.

• Motion platform control and motion cueing software.
• The ultra-high resolution graphical environment and model visualisation software for the projected images is provided by industry-leading rFpro.

CATARC will also be provided with detailed training on the use and maintenance of the simulator along with technical assistance from AB Dynamics’ specialist aVDS support team based in China.

The aVDS will be used alongside existing AB Dynamics equipment such as the SPMM (suspension parameter measurement machine), which measures the parameters used in the vehicle models, vehicle driving robots (steering and pedal) and ADAS Soft Crash Targets including GST, SPT and LaunchPad.

The equipment will allow users to take measurements of an existing vehicle or prototype and construct a virtual model that can be used in simulation. They can then safely develop vehicle systems in a simulated environment before validating them on the test track using the robots and crash targets. The aVDS can also be used to evaluate early concept models before a prototype is built. CATARC’s customers can now make full use of the synergy between AB Dynamics’ laboratory, track and simulation products.

Source: Press Release


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