Hyundai Mobis develops a camera monitoring system

Hyundai Mobis has developed a camera monitoring system that can replace the side-view mirror with a set of cameras and monitors. According to the company it is South Korea’s first camera monitor system.

The system monitors the driving behavior of cars coming from the posterolateral direction and displays the obtained information on monitors located inside the car based on camera sensors installed in the place of the side-view mirror.

The camera sensors, located on the left and right sides of the vehicle and under the rear shark fin antenna, recognize the rear and posterolateral driving environments and display them in real-time on monitors located inside the vehicle.

The system’s monitors are installed on the side of the steering wheel, above the right vent in front of the passenger seat, and on the spot where the rear-view mirror used to be.

The camera sensors’ field of view is about 35°, which is more than twice that of the regular side-view mirror, around 17°. Therefore, the driver can drive safely without having to check blind spots by turning their head.

This technology can increase driving safety by significantly reducing blind spots through provision of a wider field of view. It can also enable innovative changes to the car’s exterior design through the application of various types of cameras.

Because monitors, a type of display device, are installed inside the car, a camera monitor system results in almost no protruding areas. This makes it possible to eliminate unexpected noises such as wind noise caused by the side-view mirror, and it also reduces air resistance, thereby improving fuel economy as well.

Source: Press Release


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