MuHu launches mobile based ADAS technology

MuHu has announced the availability of their Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). It is known that MuHu provides of video intelligence for the transportation industry.This breakthrough in crash avoidance technology is the first ADAS live camera system to be available on a smartphone or tablet.

Leveraging the phone’s cameras and local processing capabilities for artificial intelligence-based object recognition, MuHu ADAS technology helps prevent accidents by providing real-time audible and visual warnings to drivers and safety alerts to fleet managers.

safe-driver-T'wireThe MuHu application functions like any app on an Android device. The Android device mounts on the windshield of a vehicle, allowing forward-facing and selfie cameras to process video of the driver and the road ahead. The ADAS alerts the driver of threats in real-time. Simultaneously, the system streams video and alerts to the cloud and intelligently notifies fleet managers of challenges the driver is actively facing. All events, video, and analytics are available in real-time through MuHu’s SaaS portal.

MuHu’s ADAS includes:

  • Forward collision: MuHu Follow Manager provides crash avoidance by warning drivers when they are driving too closely or approaching another vehicle.
  • Lane departure: Drivers receive a warning if they are drifting out of their lane or off the road.
  • Speeding by posted road signs: Using a combination of visual intelligence and mapping APIs,
  • MuHu intelligently determines the speed limit and warns drivers when they are driving faster than they should be.
  • In addition to these driver warnings, fleet managers receive alerts, video clips, and driver analytics when their drivers are going too fast, accelerating or braking too hard, and/or experiencing G-sensor events such as those in crashes.

Blake Gasca, CEO of MuHu, says the addition of the ADAS solution fills a need in the transportation industry. “Where most ADAS solutions are expensive, siloed, proprietary pieces of hardware, we take pride in knowing we’ve built a solution that integrates with our best-in-class video application,” Gasca says. “By eliminating hardware and installation costs, the transportation industry now has a solution for those who previously couldn’t afford such important safety features.”



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