New radar by Continental offers more precise detection

Technology company, Continental has unveiled a new short-range radar having more precise detection capabilities of the vehicle surroundings.

In place of the 24 Gigahertz (GHz) technology used up to now, the new radar generation operates using 77 GHz technology. This means that the radar sensor detects the environment at a much higher resolution and level of accuracy than was previously the case.

Consequently, it is able to detect other road users and obstacles much more precisely. Moreover, the 77 GHz sensor also detects movement directions and speeds more precisely than it was possible with the 24 GHz range previously used.

In addition, the integration density has been further increased thanks to the new radar generation. As a result, the individual components of the system, such as the antenna and the radio-frequency (RF) chip, are now housed in a smaller installation space, rendering the sensor even more compact. This, in turn, makes it easier to install the system in the vehicle, even in confined places.

One of the new radar sensors can be positioned at each of the four corners of the vehicle body to ensure almost seamless 360-degree monitoring of the vehicle surroundings. Radar systems such as this already form the basis for various advanced driver assistance systems employing sensors, such as monitoring the blind spots to the left and right of the vehicle in a horizontal direction, detecting the vehicle surroundings for the Lane Change Assist, monitoring cross-traffic and intersections for the Intersection and Emergency Brake Assist systems, as well as monitoring the area behind the vehicle to ensure that vehicle occupants can get out safely.

Source: Press Release


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